Types Of Machining Processes

Machining is any type of process during which a piece of raw material is shaped into the wanted size through removal of the material. Metal machining is when this process is used to make different metal products but it can also be used to shape other materials such as wood and plastic. While any manufacturing process takes place, you need a way of removing excess material and here are some of the ways that you can achieve this:

  • Turning is also a machining process that is conducted using a lathe which spins the product and blades remove the excess parts away. These tools work on two axes so that precision can be achieved. There are also two types of lathes: manual and an automatic one controlled through a computer. When this process is carried out on the interior of a product the but as known as boring and is used for tube like components. When used on the exterior, it is known as facing and is carried out in the first and last stage of the process.
  • Drilling is process through which holes are punctured into a material that help in the assembly of the product later on. A drill press is used for better stability and precision. There are two spiral channels in this type of machine.
  • Milling is the process that uses cutters that rotate to remove the material but this is different from turning because in this the table is the part that moves and the cutting tools are stationary. The metal machining in Perth can also perform other functions such as rebating and routing which makes it more flexible. The maintenance of this machine is low cost, the machine is also long-lasting and comes in four types: hand milling, plain milling, universal milling and omniversal milling.

The type material you use will determine the type of tools needed for machining. There are two types of tools used during the process: single point and multi point. Single point tools are used for turning and boring while multi point tools are used for milling and drilling. It is very important to properly use these tools and also maintain them so the best quality can be achieved. Metal machining can use both types of tools depending on the type of product that needs to be made. Tools are also made from different materials such as carbide and steel. There are also machining technologies available that use welding and burning to shape materials. Laser cutting uses a laser machine that emits a beam of light that melts or burns the material. This is most commonly used for cutting steel and also helps in performing high quality finishing. Check this link https://nationalengravers.com.au/ to find out more details.