Types Of Security Doors

Our homes and offices are built to offer us security and shelter but cannot be effective if the point of entry, our doors are weak and don’t prevent criminals from entering. The structure and material determine the actual strength of the door and must be able to pass certain tests to be classified as a security door. It should be able to withstand the impact of a certain sized object a number of times without much damage. It must not be easily pried open especially from the corners and must not let a certain sized sphere enter through any opening in the door. It should also be strong enough to prevent any sharp knife cutting through it with certain force. Security doors in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs are further reinforced using deadbolt locks, security chains and alarms to prevent intruders from entering. Some also have cameras to allow the owners to see who is outside the door and to allow them to screen visitors before entering. Many of the crimes committed are due to open doors and unattended property, by installing these doors you can actually deter criminals as the will know that it will be near impossible to break in.

There are many types of security doors:

• Cast iron doors have an aluminum frame with a cast iron grille and is a good option for those people wanting their door to match the architecture of their house. These doors are heavy and require frame reinforcement to help support them.

• Decorative grille doors are the most customizable and is great for people who want style in their doors as there are many designs available.

• Stainless steel doors are the most expensive but offer the most protection as they also have a heavy steel mesh which makes it really hard to break through.

• Small diamond grille doors are a good option for those areas with high risk of theft as it has an aluminum grill with very small holes.

• Standard diamond grille doors are the most common type as it has an aluminum grille and frame.

The door frame is the most important part of the door as without it the door loses its strength and won’t be able to keep criminals out. The frames are either made from steel or aluminum. Steel is one of the strongest materials and if properly installed can be a great solution to security. However, if there is a risk of corrosion in your area due to water or reaction to salty air then aluminum is a good choice. You can also reinforce your door with grilled or steel bars as they convey a clear message of the security of the door. Stainless steel mesh is also available which can provide a great way to look outside while still maintaining the safety of your home.